Stretch Local with Ste Spandex, Trash-O-Rama & Abigail Ward 12/10/12

Our next Stretch Local features three of Manchester’s freshest DJing talents as we present Trash-O-Rama (Homoelectric / Bollox) and Ste Spandex (Wet Play). Alongside Stretch’s Abilgail Ward we anticipate DJ sets that fit the Stretch Local policy of in-the-moment musical eclecticism. Trash-O-Rama is Manchester’s ‘dirty basement disco for Freaks, Fags, Feminists & their F***ed up […]

Northern Groove D&B Shows September 2012

Hosted by Dan Soulsmith. Broadcasting live on Wednesdays 6pm – 8pm (local time) from Old Trafford, Manchester, UK. Listen live via the bassdrive pop-up player. [2012.09.04] Northern Groove Show Tracklist: Dynamic – Big City Swing – (ft. mSdoS) [Black Reflections Records – Big City EP] HumaNature – Her Touch Skeletone – Slowtime (Original Mix) […]

Sretch Local with a Special Secret Guest & Jason Boardman & Abigail Ward 28/10/12

The next Stretch Local night features three well respected Manchester DJs who’ll be spinning their treasured vinyl records from start to finish. Our special ‘secret’ guest is a true legend of Manchester’s pre-rave dance scene, specially employed by the late, great Tony Wilson back in 1982 to bring the freshest black dance sounds to the […]

Stretch Local with The Eclectic Circus Wireless Show 14/09/12

For our first Stretch in September we hand over to semi-retired Acid Housers Adrian Luvdup and Paul Hughes (Last Rights), eclectic DJs of many years experience and presenters of the much loved Eclectic Circus Wireless Show, described by the lads as acid house for grown-ups, balearic bounders, rankin’ rapscallions, clued-up lovelies, soul-boy scoundrels, terrace dandys […]

Dan Soulsmith – Left Of Centre Electro-Funk Mix

Dan Soulsmith – Left Of Centre Electro-Funk by Northerngroove on Mixcloud (Recorded in April 2008) A blend of electronic syntheticness here, another progressive mix.. building in tempo and intensity. Tracklist: 1. Slope – Pi Funk (Sonar Kollectiv) 2. Yoshinori Sunahara – Clipper’s Discoteque Break (Bungalow) 3. Ana Rago – You’re God (I Cube Remix) (Set) […]

Dan Soulsmith – Hook & Swing Mix

Dan Soulsmith – Hook & Swing Mix by Northerngroove on Mixcloud Tracklist: 1. Intro 2. Greyboy – Got To Be A Love – Paul Nice Mix (Ubiquity) 3. Pavlov & Mishkin – Re-De-Troit (G.A.M.M) 4. Eddie Harris – Bold And Black – DJ Nu-Mark Remix (Rhino Entertainment) 5. Ramsey Lewis – Do What You Wanna […]

Dan Soulsmith – Dan’s Space Ride Mix

Dan Soulsmith – Dan’s Space Ride Mix by Northerngroove on Mixcloud From my archive (Recorded in 2007) Here I’m taking you on a typically cliched ‘cosmic’ space voyage… complete with lift-off, ascent to the stars, supernatural aliens, a bit of asteroid dodging, a celebratory space boogie, then re-entry and splashdown in a pod and parachute. […]

Dan Soulsmith – Boogie Drops Mix

Dan Soulsmith – Boogie Drops by Northerngroove on Mixcloud From the archive (Recorded March 2008). With this quirky mix I had to put down some of the synthesized electro soul gems that I love. Infectious grooves! Tracklist: Intro 1. Serious Intention – You Don’t Know (Easy Street) 2. Thelma Houston – You Used To Hold […]