Northern Groove D&B Shows April 2016


Hosted by Dan Soulsmith.

Broadcasting live on

Wednesdays 6pm – 8pm (local time) from Old Trafford, Manchester, UK.

Listen live via the bassdrive pop-up player.

[2016.04.27] Northern Groove D&B Show Tracklist:

Redeyes – Shades Of Blue [Memory Lane EP Part 2 – Vandal Limited]
Phase & Whiney – It Means Nothing [Escapism 3 – Liquicity Records]
Mystific – Can’t Breath (Mystical Sound Remix) [Can’t Breath Remixes EP – DNBB Recordings]
Bert H & High N Sick – Find Me [Fokuz Recordings]
Makoto – YGMYC [Escapism 3 – Liquicity Records]
Zebedee – Ghetto Protection [Kilimanjaro EP – Omni Music]
Greekboy – Deep Inside My Head [Back In The Jungle – Flex Records]
Rawtekk – Restless [Here’s To Them LP – Med School Music]
FreeBird & TBM – Time flies By
M-Church – Fall In Love [Soul Deep Exclusives]
Kelle & Juha – Escape [Liquid Brilliants]
Noulan – Wave Rhythm [Citate Forms 010]
Gavin G – Nowhere To Hide [Escapism 3 – Liquicity Records]
Mode:Funktion – All The Way [A Jazz Thing EP – Soul Deep Digital]
Redeyes – Don’t You Look Away [Memory Lane EP Part 2 – Vandal Limited]
Cosmology – Unfinished Business
Decon – Beat Inbetween feat. Nikolai Becker [Significant Suit – Jazzsticks Recordings]
Decon – One Day [Significant Suit – Jazzsticks Recordings]
Decon – Three Rivers [Significant Suit – Jazzsticks Recordings]
Urbandawn & Bungle – Sacred Floor [The Future Sound Of Brazil – Hospital Records]
Bungle – Enclosure [Sao Paul EP – Soul Trader Records]
Nitri – Sphere [Sao Paul EP – Soul Trader Records]
Drumagick – Win the Game [BMR Music]
Drumagick – Brazilian D&B feat. Joao Sobral (Instrumental Club) [BMR Music]

[2016.04.20] Northern Groove D&B Show Tracklist:

Subway Funk – Rocky Mountain
Phase 2 – Glissando [Sheer Velocity Recordings 030]
Joakuim – Platano [Platano EP – Iridescent Music]
Furney – I’d Give You Everything [Effervescent Drift EP – Soul Deep Exclusives]
Furney & Locksmith – So High
Pola & Bryson – Raid [New Soul EP – Soulvent Records]
Seba – Hide The Tears [Fourfit EP 007 – Soul:R]
Maduk – Don’t Forget [Never Give Up LP – Hospital Records]
Zere – Outsource (Habitat Remix) [E-Motion 036]
Greekboy & Antony G – Beautiful Nature
Aperio – Falling Down [Life Lessons EP – Liquid Tones]
Subway Funk – Cosmozoo
Radicall – Chemistry Lesson [In Circles EP – Offworld Recordings]
Greekboy & Antony G – Golden Sun
Northern Zone – Soul Is Still The Same [I Want 3 EP – Limitless]
Akuratyde – Still Perfect (Random Movement Remix) [Last Forever Remixed – Silk Recordings]
Oclock – Time Stops [Minori EP – Omni Music UK]
Apache – Too Much To Miss [Foreign Soul EP – Influenza Media]
Malaky & SATL – All By Myself [Skyfall EP – Fokuz Recordings]
BCee and Drifta – Ghost Feat Hannah Eve [Playing With Fire LP – Soul Trader]
Drifta – Here With Me ft. Holly Hilton (Total Science Remix) [Playing With Fire LP – Soul Trader]
Silence Groove, Malaky & Satl – Skyfall [Skyfall EP – Fokuz Recordings]
Radicall – Anyway [In Circles EP – Offworld Recordings]
Glen E ston & Atmospherix – So Much Love

[2016.04.13] Northern Groove D&B Show Tracklist:

Bert H – Emerald [Lazy Bastard EP – Soul Deep Exclusives]
In-Deed – Days & Nights [Influenza Media]
ActRaiser & Tremah – No Place Like Home [Tipping Point EP – Liquid Tones]
Noulan & Kelayx – Echo [CLS105]
Amplified Motion – Solar Flare [Solar Flare EP – Reverse Audio Group]
Malaky & SATL – Stronger [Moments EP – Soul Deep Digital]
Planetary Secrets – Viscid [LW Recordings]
Malaky – First Light
Nexus & Tight – Spirit [Infusion EP – Silent Audio]
Greekboy – International [The Next Dimension EP – Soul Deep Exclusives]
Malaky & SATL – Dreams Are Gone (Silence Groove Remix) [Soul Trader 011]
T Base – High Up In The Sky (Triatik Remix) [Times Change – The Remixes – C Recordings]
GLXY – Introspective [Exposed EP – Soulvent Records]
GLXY – Midnight [Soulvent Records]
LSB – If You’re Here (feat Sophia Wardman) (Luke’s Tangerine Dreaming VIP) [Hospitality 2016]
Mojoman – PCG [Go Through EP – C Recordings]
Tremah – Encounter [Nu Venture Records]
Alex Tweaker – About Us [Celcius Recordings]
Rawtekk – Restless (Instrumental) [Ten Years Of Med School]
Silence Groove – Element Late [Forever Believe EP – Offworld Recordings]
Liquitek – S-Chi-Zo [KosMos Gets Harder LP Sampler]
Bop – Blurred Memories (feat. Synkro) (Etherwood remix) [Ten Years Of Med School]
innaSelf – The Citadel [The Sound Of Truth EP – Soul Deep Exclusives]
ENEA – Far Away [Red Letter Day EP – Celcius Recordings]
Bert H & All Mode – Anytime [Anytime EP – Celcius Recordings]

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[2016.04.09] Northern Groove D&B Show Tracklist:

Imba – Departure [Good Karma Music 009]
Mindless – Gone [Karma EP – Delta 9]
Phaction – Stratos (Total Science Remix) [All My Love EP – Fokuz Recordings]
Mojoman – Mirror [Go Through EP – C Recordings]
Zero T – Essential Inch (Phase Remix) [Integral Records]
innaSelf & Tremah – Dream Rhythm [The Sound Of Truth EP – Soul Deep Exclusives]
HumaNature – Remember When [Such Music 014]
Seba & Method One – Dawn Patrol [Commercial Suicide 088]
The Vanguard Project – Driftwood [The Vanguard Project Vol.1 – Spearhead Records]
Anile & Blu Mar Ten – Lyssakses [Ten Years Of Med School]
Amplified Motion – Golden Era [Beatalistics]
Zhane – Crush (Al Pack Bootleg)
Malaky – Being With You
Etherwood – Falling Out Of Consciousness (Keeno Remix) [Ten Years Of Med School]
Utile – I Didn’t Know [Liquid Tones]
Mutsuki – Brazilian Rhyme
Funkware – Innocence Lost (Hope EP – Funkstuff Recordings)
Mojoman & Nicolas Carl – Go Through [Go Through EP – C Recordings]
innaSelf – The Sound Of Truth [The Sound Of Truth EP – Soul Deep Exclusives]
Boston – Panoramic [Panoramic EP – Symmetry Recordings]
Joakuim & Impish –  Sanne [All My Love EP – Fokuz Recordings]
Commix – Justified (SpectraSoul Remix) [Generation 1 – Metalheadz]
Abstract Illusion – Isolation (VIP)
Imba – Just A Phase feat Leah Costello [Good Karma Music 009]

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