Northern Groove D&B Shows December 2015

Hosted by Dan Soulsmith.

Broadcasting live on

Wednesdays 6pm – 8pm (local time) from Old Trafford, Manchester, UK.

Listen live via the bassdrive pop-up player.

[2015.12.30] Northern Groove D&B Show Tracklist:

Pluton & Skyer – Evening Streets [Kosmopolitic EP Vol.2 – Kos.Mos.Music]
Anile – False Tense [Perspective LP – Med School Music]
Northern Zone – Abyss [Limitless]
Severity Zero feat. Tali – Tapestry [Tapestry EP – Fokuz Recordings]
Madface – Bright Future [RAMIAMI DRUM & BASS 2015 – RAM Records]
Pola & Bryson – Territory [Modern Soul LP – Vandal Limited]
Chinensis – Sirius Rising [Chasing Polaris EP – Liquid Tones]
Paladion – Space Dog [Light Years Vol.1 – Kos.Mos.Music]
SPY – Double Trouble (feat Total Science) [Back To Basics Chapter 2 – Hospital Records]
Eavesdrop – Past Life feat. MC Fava [Into The Sun EP – Spearhead Records]
Seba – Sienna [Warm Communications 037]
North Base – Join The Dots [Hospital Mixtape – Fred V & Grafix]
GLXY – Want U [Pinnacle EP – Liquid Tones]
McLeod – Stolen Kisses [L.T.D EP Vol 2 – Soul Trader Records]
Kasper & Broken Drum – Don’t Know Why [Human EP – Fokuz Recordings]
Planetary Secrets – Wormhole (Silence Groove remix) [Believe EP – Offworld Recordings]
Trilo – Lazy Dreams [Lazy Dreams EP – Celcius Recordings]
Etherwood – The Rain Will Fall (feat LSB) [Blue Leaves LP – Med School Music]
Deskai – Looplove [Eleventh Dimension EP – Omni Music UK]
Melinki – So I Can Breath feat. Kinsella [Yesterdays Forgotten EP – Emcee Recordings]
Semi Sense – From Stars [From Stars EP – Liquid Tones]
Greekboy – Deep Soul Elements [Lights EP – Figment Records]
Electrosoul System – Once On The Cosmic Station (feat Pryzma) [Flawless LP – Med School Music]

[2015.12.16] Northern Groove D&B Show Tracklist:

Furney – Right Down To China Town [Void Of Consciousness EP – Rotation Deep UK]
DJ Ransome – Early Morning In Spring [Figment Records]
Clart & Thiago Perry – Summer Rain [Summer Rain EP – Influenza Media]
dRamatic – Molecular [Tempo Records]
Lenzman – Memory Loss [Select Files 2 – C.I.A]
Mark Halflite – Tears In Rain [Soul On Fire EP – Liquid Drops]
Furney – Night Passing [Void Of Consciousness EP – Rotation Deep UK]
Pennygiles – Wanderlust [Flight Pattern Records 003]
LSB – It Finds You feat. Tokyo Prose [Spearhead Records 065]
Static – Pretty Thing [Offworld Transmissions Volume 5]
Anile – Seventh Sound [Perspective LP – Med School Music]
Humanature – Back To Life (Silence Groove Remix) [Back To Life EP – Celcius Recordings]
Furney – Through The Rain [Void Of Consciousness EP – Rotation Deep UK]
Furney – Atmospheric Agenda [Void Of Consciousness EP – Rotation Deep UK]
LSB – About Tonight [Spearhead Records 065]
Mark Halflite – Soul On Fire [Soul On Fire EP – Liquid Drops]
BrokenDrum – Smile (Random Movement Remix) [Sheer Velocity Recordings]
Champagne – Divine Inspiration (Bcee Remix)
Phat Playaz – Hardtimes
Phat Playaz – Crazy life
Blade – If You Want Me

[2015.12.09] Northern Groove D&B Show Tracklist:

Seba – Nichoho [Warm Communications 037]
Invold – Starfall [Starfall EP – Soul Deep Exclusives]
UrbanDawn – Vona [Cloudless EP – Hospital Records]
Furney – Right Down To China Town [Void Of Consciousness EP – Rotation Deep UK]
Silence Groove – All Music [Dimetrix EP – Liquid Tones]
Furney – Regeneration [Void Of Consciousness EP – Rotation Deep UK]
Kurruptdata – Siesta Keys [Unification Vol.2 – C Recordings]
Entama – Primeval Forest (Aural Imbalance Sub Tropical Remix) [Cadence Recordings 035]
P.B.K. & Tim Cant – Human Evolution [Techmosphere 01 LP – Scientific Records]
Seba – Nichoho [Warm Communications 037]
Phat Playaz – Hardtimes
UrbanDawn – Under Your Sheets [Cloudless EP – Hospital Records]
London Elektricity – Vapour Trails (LSB remix) [Hospitality 2015 – Hospital Records]
Mailky – Euphoria [The Summer EP – Live History Records]
SubSid – Empty Saddles [Sheer Velocity Recordings 021]
Furney – Overwhelming Journey [Void Of Consciousness EP – Rotation Deep UK]
Furney – Herandew [Void Of Consciousness EP – Rotation Deep UK]
UrbanDawn – Cloudless (feat Elsa Esmeralda and London Elektricity) [Cloudless EP – Hospital Records]
Cosmology – For Love Yeh [Blu Saphir]
Noceur – In The Meantime [Soul Bros. Records]
TBase – Nondiscripts Feelings [C Recordings]
Kelle – Phenomenon [Is There Reality Somewhere EP – Liquid Tones]
Altitude – Falling [Warm Communications]
Aved – In My Memory [Way LP – Another Wave Recordings]
Satl – Late At Night [Late Every Night EP – Influenza Media]

[2015.12.02] Northern Groove D&B Show Tracklist:

Cosmology feat. Ella Sopp – City Lights [Blu Saphir]
Cutworks – Away With You [Soulroot EP – Nexgen]
Flowrian – Sometimes We Forget [Maximus EP – Jazzsticks Recordings]
Gerra & Stone – Tender Touch [Unbreakable EP – Dispatch Recordings]
Skyweep – Moving Like A Train [Moving Like A Train EP – Celcius Recordings]
Silence Groove – Strike It On [Ambassadors 5 D&B Poetry – Santorin Records]
Liz-E – Love 4 You [SGN LTD]
Deep Stealth – No Man Needs Nothing [Ohmni Science 3 – Omni Music UK]
Spirit & Digital – Heaven [The Vision EP – Phantom Audio]
Stunna – Cosmos [Stepping Forward Records 034]
Physics, Stunna & Jere Gardia – World Keeps Turning [Ambassadors 5 D&B Poetry – Santorin Records]
Semi Sense – The Wake Of The Setting Sun [Celcius Recordings 158]
David Arnold – The James Bond Theme [LTJ Bukem Remix]
Severity Zero – All Those Times [All Those Times EP – Liquid Tones]
Impish – With You (Calibre Remix) [With You EP – Fokuz Recordings]
Paul T & Edward Oberon – Rewind [Fragments 2 – Tilt Audio]
Flaco – Difference [Want You EP – Co-Lab Recordings]
DJ Chap & Andrezz – Back [Back EP – Liquid V]
MC DRS – What They Do feat. S.P.Y and Shola [Mid Mic Crisis LP – Soulr]
A Sides & Makoto – feat. Robert Manos – Jupiter [Aquarian Dreams LP – Eastern Elements]
Rowpieces – Seventh Heaven [V Like Vivacoius – Liquid V]
Andrezz – Music From The Heart [Sao Paulo Essential 02 EP – BMR Music]

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