Northern Groove D&B Shows March 2016


Hosted by Dan Soulsmith.

Broadcasting live on

Wednesdays 6pm – 8pm (local time) from Old Trafford, Manchester, UK.

Listen live via the bassdrive pop-up player.

[2016.03.30] Northern Groove D&B Show Tracklist:

Will Miles – No Love (LDM vs LDR 10 inch)
Basic Forces – Come Down [Auraya Recordings 002]
Kusp feat. SMB – Fixate [Art Of Deception EP – Authentic Music]
Teknian & ZeroZero – Rhythms of the Jungle – Broken Audio Recordings [BRKNFREE007]
Lenzman – Homie Don’t Play That [Golden Age EP – Metalheadz]
Alex Tweaker – About Us [Celcius Recordings]
Logistics – Electric Sun [Electric Sun LP – Hospital Records]
Keeno – The 8th Age [Futurist LP – Med School Music]
Halfway Station – Flosat (Stunna Remix) [Free DL]
Capsika – Moscow [Atmomatix Records]
Severity Zero – One Track Mind [Spectral Advice EP – Fokuz Recordings]
HumaNature – Remember When [SUCH014]
Velocity – Black Drop Effect [Night Owl EP – Human Elements]
Cryogenics – Constellations [Evil Audio]
Zero T – Essential Inch (Phase Remix) [Integral Records]
Avalon Rays feat. Kelli Leigh – Losing Sight [Free DL]
Malaky – First Light
nCamargo – Washed Away [Free DL]
Malaky & Satl – Dreams Are Gone [Her EP – Soul Trader Records]
Velocity – Jelly Break (2015 VIP) (LDMvsLDR 10 inch)
GLXY – Introspective [Exposed EP – Soulvent Records]
GLXY – Midnight [Soulvent Records]
Pete Rann – Shining Light [On The Run EP – Omni Music UK
ELKA – Every Day (VIP) [Atmomatix Records]
Flowrian – Singularity [Inside Out EP – Influenza Media]
Furney – Don’t Be Scared
Furney – Insecurities

[2016.03.23] Northern Groove D&B Show Tracklist:

RoyGreen & Protone & Paul T feat. LaMeduza – In The Groove [Downtime – Free DL].
Kurruptdata – After Dark [Soul Deep Recordings Free DL]
Saxxon – Blue Harbour (Command Strange Remix) [High Tide EP – Soul Trader Records]
Intelligent Manners & Command Strange – Make Me Alive [Joy LP – Innerground Records]
Silence Groove – Of Tim These [Vibration Records 043]
Noulan & Kelayx – Echo [CLS105]
Jetfunk – Simple Things [Deep Down Inside EP – Soul Deep Exclusives]
Malaky & Bone Man – Always
Logistics – Icarus [Electric Sun LP – Hospital Records]
Monrroe – Days Like These [Days Like These EP – Soul Deep Digital]
Furney – MCMXVIII [Sheer Velocity 029]
Alaska & Paradox – Sesi Mirage [Warm Communications]
LM1 – Dakini [Memory Alpha EP – Offworld Records]
Actraiser – Separation Anxiety [Seperation Anxiety EP – Celcius Recordings]
Bass’Flo & Cyberdrone – The Holographic Universe [Free DL]
Noulan & Kelayx – Earth
Silence Groove – Human Traffic [Human Traffic EP – Fokuz Recordings]
Blok One & Rainforest – Sky Fortress [Soulridaz 5 Years Vol.1]
Deskai – Hypno [Survive All EP – Modulate]
Levrige – Samhain
Edit – Flake [Subtitles Music]
Silence Groove – Slapper [Vibration Records 043]
ENEA – Cycle [Liquid Motion 3 – Liquid Drops]
Insideman – Imperfect Child [Liquid Brilliants 253]
Kubic Eye – Face the Truth [Auraya Recordings AURAFR001]

[2016.03.16] Northern Groove D&B Show Tracklist:

High N Sick – Dance With You [Discover EP – Liquid Tones]
innaSelf – The Sound Of Truth [The Sound Of Truth EP – Soul Deep Exclusives]
Calibre – Amen Tune feat. DJ Marky [Shelflife 4 – Signature Records]
Logistics – Highway 1 [Electric Sun LP – Hospital Records]
Malaky – This Way
Fred V & Grafix – Comb Funk [Ultraviolet EP – Hospital Records]
Intelligent Manners & Command Strange – Back to the Sky [Joy LP – Innerground Records]
Amplified Motion – Solar Flare [Solar Flare EP – Reverse Audio Group]
Blok One – In Her Eyes [Soulridaz 5 Years Vol.1]
GLXY – Juxtaposition
Bronski – Boiling [Something EP – DNBB Recordings]
Phonetic – Inner Flame [Inner Flame EP – Influenza Media]
Bert H – Discover [Discover EP – Liquid Tones]
Logistics – Sentimentality [Electric Sun LP – Hospital Records]
Matt Corby – Breathe (Midnight Request Remix) [Free DL]
Command Strange – Night Mist [Night Mist EP – Liquid V]
Stunna – Under Your Spell [Free DL]
Furney – Slow Down [Slow Down EP – Soul Deep Exclusives]
Insideman – Ghetto Heaven [Liquid Brilliants 253]
ActRaiser & Tremah – Tipping Point (feat LaMeduza) [Tipping Point EP – Liquid Tones]
Phaeny – Escape [Back Home EP – Abducted LTD]
Logistics – Okinawa [Electric Sun LP – Hospital Records]
Silence Groove – Eclipse [Eclipse EP – Iridescent Music]
Deep Stealth – Mystic Realms (Orange n Blue Rolling Hills Remix) [Cadence Recordings 037]
Deep Stealth – Mystic Realms (Aural Imbalance Remix) [Cadence Recordings 037]

[2016.03.09] Northern Groove D&B Show Tracklist:

Calibre – Down On You [Shelflife 4 – Signature Records]
Malaky – Wildflower
NuLogic – Watercolours [Hospitality 2016 – Hospital Records]
Malaky & SATL – Dreams Are Gone [Soul Trader 011]
Malaky & SATL – Dreams Are Gone (Silence Groove Remix) [Soul Trader 011]
Nexus & Tight – Spirit [Infusion EP – Silent Audio]
Furney – Awfully Deep [Slow Down EP – Soul Deep Exclusives]
Liquid Waves – Love Child [Free DL]
GLXY – Midnight [Soulvent Records]
Aquasion – On The Line [Soul Searchers – Street Life – Textures Music]
Madcap & FDB Project – Nema [A.K.O Beats]
Fusion & Stunna feat. Karma – Lost Souls [Free DL]
Saxxon – High Tide [High Tide EP – Soul Trader Records]
High N Sick – Surprise (Bert H Remix) [Discover EP – Liquid Tones]
Erykah Badu – Next Lifetime (Al Pack Bootleg) [Free DL]
Physics – Love Story [Midnight Sun Recordings]
Undersound – The Cover Up [Vibration Recordings 042]
Undersound – Tuve Que Cantar [Vibration Recordings 042]
Deep Stealth – Mystic Realms (Orange n Blue Rolling Hills Remix) [Cadence Recordings 037]
Thiago Pery & Greekboy – Mafia Business [Liquid Brillians 254]
Spyre – Breathe Life [Alabama EP – DNBB Recordings]
Bronski – Think ’bout It [Something EP – DNBB Recordings]
innaSelf & Tremah – Dream Rhythm [The Sound Of Truth EP – Soul Deep Exclusives]
Etherwood – Light My Way Home (feat Eva Lazarus) – (Logistics Remix) [Hospital Records]
Furney – Fearz [Sheer Velocity 029]
High Contrast – Calling My Name [Hospitality 2016 – Hospital Records]

[2016.03.02] Northern Groove D&B Show Tracklist:

Velocity – Fossa Magna [Night Owl EP – Human Elements]
innaSelf – The Citadel [The Sound Of Truth EP – Soul Deep Exclusives]
ActRaiser & Tremah – Tipping Point (ActRaiser’s Instrumental VIP) [Tipping Point EP – Liquid Tones]
Acid Lab – The Codex [Forbidden Codes 2 – 117]
UrbanDawn – Neon Nights (Reso Remix) [Hospitality 2016 – Hospital Records]
Bronski – High Voltage [Something EP – DNBB Recordings]
Malaky – Blu Mar Ten feat. Seba – Hunter (Malaky Remix)
T-Base & Identified – The Truth (Northern Zone Remix) [Times Change – The Remixes – C Recordings]
Malaky – Being With You
Undersound and Bella Collins – On A Global Scale [Vibration Recordings 042]
innaSelf – Intuition [The Sound Of Truth EP – Soul Deep Exclusives]
Keeno – Land Sea and Sky [Futurist LP – Med School Music]
Leanne Louise & Revaux – Mr. Magician (Revaux Remix) [Art Of Deception EP – Authentic Music]
Malaky – Wyles & Simpson – Stormy Skies (Malaky Remix)
Submorphics – Maybe It’s Time (feat Adrienne Richards) [Future Sound Of America – Hospital Records]
Enea – Far Away [Red Letter Day EP – Celcius Recordings]
Calibre – All One Call [Shelflife 4 – Signature Records]
Bad Company UK – Equilibrium
Zersum – Brutalism [Brutalism LP – Lockdown Recordings]
Flame & Mental Duo – Feel Inside [Love Prison EP – Lush Stuff]
AudioSketch – Come For Me Feat Optiv (Random Movement Remix) [Soul Trader Records]
Blastikz & Olski – Carrier [Peer Pressure]
LM1 & Atmodisiac – After Dark [Memory Alpha EP – Offworld Records]
Greek Boy – The Future Of Knowledge [Stepping Forward Records]
Q Project – Solar System [Good Looking Records]

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