Easter Riot

I played the One Deck Beach Bar last night at Electric Chair’s Easter Riot. Sandwiched between 2 of Manc’s finest DJs Ste Spandex and Mark Webster, here are a few of the vinyl records that I played…

[youtube width=”225″ height=”244″]http://youtu.be/b6Z0V6kjRmw[/youtube]

[youtube width=”225″ height=”244″]http://youtu.be/DBuMl-FHAtI[/youtube]

[youtube width=”225″ height=”244″]http://youtu.be/07_eXFaVgQY[/youtube]

[youtube width=”225″ height=”244″]http://youtu.be/xZLdUZvQ8w8[/youtube]

[youtube width=”225″ height=”244″]http://youtu.be/ZHcOHs2IxAw[/youtube]

[youtube width=”225″ height=”244″]http://youtu.be/He4RxDW9mIs[/youtube]

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