Introducing Stretch Disco

Northern Groove and Band on the Wall introduce Stretch Disco… a brand new night taking over the venue every second Friday in the month. Using disco as a glittering launchpad for interplanetary musical voyages to the far side of the dancefloor.

The Stretch music philosophy: “The emphasis is on creating a musical vibe and atmosphere of that classic period when ‘Disco’ meant a club that just played good music to make you dance. A time when ‘House’ didn’t just mean four-to-the-floor, but was the music in the house, at the club, selected by the DJs, whose only limitations were their great musical taste and selections. A place where people trusted the DJ. The Stretch policy is flexible; in the music we play and the DJs we book.”

Stretch brings you the best in established and up-and-coming disco DJs this glitterball of a world has to offer, alongside Stretch residents & special guests until 3am.

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