Jam Street 45s

Having DJd a few times at one of our favourite local boozers – Jam Street Cafe in Whalley Range, I thought I’d put something together for the diary. Given my re-found fetish for the 7 inch, having recently raided King Bee Records and all the charity shops in Chorlton, ‘Jam Street 45s’ is what I’ve come up with. A set of 4 x monthly nights playing only 7 inch records all night. I’m sure this concept has already been done a plenty, but this was a chance to do something different, playing original music with friends, with a focus on exploring our treasured collections… and beer.

The artwork that I designed for the night (above) was inspired by a trip to, of all places, Todmorden where the charity shops are particularly good, and cheap! No inflated Oxfam Originals city prices there! All of 25p purchased OMD’s ‘Electricity’, which I scanned to use the reverse of the record sleeve for – as the background template to my design. I liked it because the sleeve was so worn, this record having been well used in its previous life!