Psychemagik Q&A


Stretch asked Danny & Tom of Psychemagik a few questions prior to their DJ set at Manchester’s Night & Day Cafe on Easter Saturday…

In a few words, how would describe your music?
A wife changing experience!

How do you pronounce your name?
Psychemagik? Syka-magik

How did you get your name?
It’s derived from Jodorowsky’s ‘Psychomagic’ Therapy which takes a negative situation and turns it into a positive one 🙂

How did you both meet?
At a music festival in Canterbury

Where is the Cosmic Forest? What is it like?
Tucked away deep in the heart of the garden of England and the depths of your mind – It’s a magical Eden of delight and wonder

Stretch Disco will be your Manchester debut, right?
Yep, can’t wait!! 😀

You played Liverpool last week, how was that?
Yeah really good! Crowd were bang up for it and danced all night. Promoters were well sound. Lovely people, cheers!

I understand that Danny lived in Liverpool for a while? When was this & what are your memories?
Yeah 1992. Fond memories of down to earth people and an amazing crowd every time I played out. I did a night called ‘Rhythm Devoted To The Art Of Moving Butts’ every Monday at Heebie Jeebies

Did you make it over to Manchester much? What are your experiences of Manchester music & clubbing?
Saw Galliano & The Sandals there live, both excellent but mushrooms make everything better don’t they?

What’s the latest regarding your forthcoming album?
It’s almost finished, honest!!

How do you approach a new original track?
Just jamming on a synth with a dope beat or a good sample usually sets it off

You must be getting a lot of remix offers now? How do you approach a new remix?
Yeah pretty swamped with requests. We just grab it and growl!

How do you decide on and approach a new edit?
Just need to feel the funk or have a strong desire to remove the shit bit

What’s your favourite bit of studio kit?
Moog Minitaur

What’s your favourite classic synth?
Arp Odyssey

What music were you into during your youth?
Tom: Old School Hardcore
Danny: Hip Hop

Can you dance? What moves?

Who do you admire most in life?
Cosmic Wednesdays

Are you sports fans? Who do you follow?
70’s snooker when they got pissed and smoked fags

Favourite TV show?
The Littlest Hobo

What was the last book you read?
More Love – Michel Bernard / Andre Balland

What was the last LP album you bought?
Brutes & Savages – Riz Ortolani

In a parallel universe, what might you be doing now instead of music?
Tom: Rocket Scientist
Danny: Cosmologist

We are really looking forward to your set at Stretch! Could you whet our appetite with a couple of YouTube clips of what we might expect to hear on the night?

For more Psychemagik sounds visit here and here


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