Stretch @ The Jackalope in Chorlton

Our Stretch party returns… Every 2nd Friday of the month in the more intimate surroundings of Chorlton’s freshest bar – The Jackalope (formerly Escape), where Stretch’s Dan Soulsmith, alongside special local guest DJs, will be providing a freestyle blend of  solid grooves to warm up your weekend.

This Friday 8th Feb our guest DJ will be: Adam H (Stay Free)

I first met Adam in the small hours… rocking up at his flat with Gawain, it was 5am and we were celebrating, having just secured our first Stretch booking – the legendary Nicky Siano who’d be playing Stretch Disco at BotW, coincidentally, It turned out that Adam was the guy who’d booked Nicky twice before to play his Stay Free party (the 2nd party in Chorlton being “legendary” – Nicky’s own words). Small town! Naturally Adam was a bit skeptical of us, but he continued to DJ well into the afternoon while we all chilled, dropping lesser known Gallery / Loft / Garage classics that just blew our minds!

So it’s fitting that Adam be Stretch’s first guest DJ – in Chorlton at The Jackalope.

Come along and experience Adam H’s vinyl collection, which in terms of sonic nuggets, is second to none!

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