Northern Groove D&B Shows September 2016


Hosted by Dan Soulsmith.

Broadcasting live on

Wednesdays 6pm – 8pm (local time) from Old Trafford, Manchester, UK.

Listen live via the bassdrive pop-up player.

[2016.09.07] Northern Groove Show


  • Bert H & High N Sick – Salat [Celsius Recordings]
  • Dawn Wall – I See You [Integral Records]
  • Silence Groove – Care More [Soul Trader Records]
  • Chromatic – Smile [C.I.A. DeepKut]
  • Anile – Wish List [Med School Music]
  • Low r – For Dem [Such Music]
  • Ed-It – Babylon Step [Shogun Audio]
  • Superior Selectionz – Witchcraft [Lockdown Recordings]
  • Superior Selectionz & Ben Soundscape – Tyrant [Lockdown Recordings]
  • Random Movement – Climbing Out [C.I.A. DeepKut]
  • Loz Contreras – LV [Liquid Brilliants]
  • Utah Jazz – Give It to Me Right [Spearhead Records]
  • Silence Groove – Lost & Found [Celsius Recordings]
  • M-Church – Hold Me [Soul Deep Recordings]
  • V4Ns – Jassie Jane [Live History Records]
  • V4Ns – Guitar Slap [Live History Records]
  • Madcap – Let It Go [Nothing But]
  • Alexvnder – Constellations [C Recordings]
  • Javano – United As One [C Recordings]
  • Submanifold – Funk Upgrade [Omni Music]
  • Cityscape & Tania V – She [Bay 6 Recordings]
  • Dawn Wall – Ember [Integral Records]
  • Fishy – Unexpected Feeling [Liquid Flavours]
  • Parhelia – And It Rained Moths [Omni Music]
  • Entama – Project 15 [Cadence Recordings]
  • Aural Imbalance – Project 15 [Cadence Recordings]

[2016.09.14] Northern Groove Show


  • Braya – Watermark [Smooth N Groove Records]
    Colossus & Structure – Let’s Go Back (Colossus Remix) [Rush Records]
    Critical Event – Driven Life [Unreleased]
    Utah Jazz – Exploration [Spearhead Records]
    Digital Organix – The End [Soul Deep Recordings]
    Hazuki – Loves The Sunshine [Liquid Brilliants]
    A Sides – Voices feat. Aletta [Eastside Records]
    Samuel Riiser ft. Jenna G – Red Velvet (Dave Owen, ZeroZero, Jaybee ft. Brotherman Remix) [Vibration Records]
    Largold – Bird Call [LW Recordings]
    Silence Groove – Cheeky Growler [Soul Trader Records]
    Trex – Knucklehead [Trust Audio]
    Calibre & dBridge – Christiansen [Exit Records]
    Peron – Roller Glass (VIP) [Unreleased]
    Ricky Force – Nice n Easy [Flex Records]
    S.P.Y & Pierce Fulton – Kuaga (Lost Time S.P.Y Instrumental) [iCompilations]
    Identified & Malaky – Children of the Sky [Liquid Tones]
    Paul T & Edward Oberon – Fifteen [Tilt Audio]
    Cryogenics – Nothing Bad Will Ever Last [Audio Theory Records]
    Blade – Was My Number [Unreleased]
    mSdoS – 70s Entry [Soul Deep Recordings]
    Rowpieces – Retreat [Liquid V]
    Jaybee – Your Lovin feat. Adrienne Richards [Innerground Records]
    Changing Faces – Dusk [Celsius Recordings]
    Satl – Seaside [Fokuz Recordings]

[2016.09.21] Northern Groove Show


  • Edlan – Rewind [Fokuz Recordings]
    Soul Connection – Sentimental [Soul Deep Recordings]
    GLXY – Luminescence [Spearhead Records]
    Milkyway – Far Away [Med School Music]
    Arcatype – Nocturne [Ingredients Records]
    Against – Blood Shards [Med School Music]
    Re-Adjust – Limits [Warm Ears Music]
    Need For Mirrors – Wood & Water [V Recordings]
    Soul Connection – Why Don’t You [Soul Deep Recordings]
    Dephzac – Survive [Soul Deep Recordings]
    Arcatype – New Funk [Ingredients Records]
    Hydro & War – Virtuality [Horizons Music]
    GLXY – Seductress [Spearhead Records]
    Krot & V4Ns – Night Light [Live History Records]
    Re-Adjust – Lost Moments [Warm Ears Music]
    Smote – Princes Time [Soul Deep Recordings]
    Receptor – Magnetism [Med School Music]
    LivingPlastic – Sunsets4You [Unreleased]
    Hungry T – Romancing the Stone [Audio Addict Records]
    Soul Connection – Don’t Stop [Soul Deep Recordings]
    Soul Connection – Feel Love [Soul Deep Recordings]
    Submanifold – Dusty Break [Omni Music]
    Digital Organix – High and Lows [Soul Deep Recordings]

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